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King Beerstein - Besf of Germany - beersteins - Nr. AH KW 29

item(s): AH KW 29
USD 147.35


Handpainted 0,5 liter German Panorama Beerstein with solid pewter lid.
Limited Edition of 10000 pieces.

Height: 28 cm/11 Inch
Width: 11 cm/4,3 Inch
Depth: 16 cm/6,3 Inch

KING WORKS are situated in the Westerwald (Western Forest) of Germany, near the Rhine and Koblenz (the ancient Roman town of Confluentia) as well as the famous Limes (the fortified Roman border). In the very first centuries after Christ, you will perhaps find the oldest roots of potters' tradition in the area.

product details

Weight net: 3 kg
Weight gross: 4 kg
Height: 28 cm/11.0 inch
Width: 16 cm/6.3 inch
Depth: 11 cm/4.3 inch


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