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Our store in Hornberg-Niederwasser
House of Black Forest Clocks is a family owned producer of cuckoo clocks and we only sell our products directly to customers. Eliminating wholesalers, agents and other intermediaries, gives us the opportunity to offer top quality products at reasonable prices. We offer: Cuckoo clocks, wall clocks, mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, aniversary clocks, Hummel figurines, beersteins, pewter, Steiff toy animals, porcelain dolls musicboxes, smokers, nutcrackers, Christmas ornaments, Geiger clothing, teeshirts, Black Forest souvenirs, knives...
If you mention in the shop that you have been recommended by ISDD, you will receive 10% discount on all items.

Our shop adress:
Adolf Herr
Landstr. 7
78132 Hornberg-Niederwasser
Phone: +49 7833 8037

Opening Hours:
Winter (November - April)
Mon. - Sat. 10:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.
Sun. November - March sometimes open from 11:00 a.m. - 04:00 p.m. please call

Summer (May - October)
Mon. - Fr. 09:00 a.m.-05:30 p.m.
Sat. 09:00 a.m.-05:30 p.m.
Sun. 10:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m.

Schwarzwaldstr. 7
78141 Schönwald
Phone: +49(0)7722 77154

In our outlet in Triberg we offer:
Cuckoo clocks, beersteins, pewter, porcelain dolls smokers, nutcrackers, Christmas ornaments, teeshirts, Black Forest souvenirs, knives...
House of Black Forest Clocks
Adolf Herr
Hauptstrasse 77
78098 Triberg
Phone: +49(0)7722/869636
Opening hours:
Mai - October (main season)
Mon. - Sat.: 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Sun: 10:00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Low Season:
November: closed
Dezember: daily 10:00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

Cafe Edelweiss
Our Self Service Restaurant Cafe Edelweiss is furnished in the traditional Black Forest style with plenty of wood and has 77 seats available. The Cafe Edelweiss is famous for it's delicious Black Forest Cherry Cake and it is especially suited for travel groups (Reservations suggested).ith Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, Swabian Pasta, Black Forest Cherry Cake, Coffee or Beer you will find the best way over here to relax after shopping.
Family Telesca
Landstr. 7
78132 Hornberg-Niederwasser
Phone: +49(0)7833/9659906
Mobile: +49(0)174/9062782
e-mail: a.herruhren@t-online.de

La Cascata
Please come in and look over the Pizzaiolo's shoulder while he prepares your Pizza. The kitchen-in charge of the owner himself, serves up regional specialities and other mouth-watering tidbits from the Italian cuisine. Enjoy the Mediteranean atmosphere at La Cascata and have a meal with your family and friends. Our location is also qualified for having a great party.
We look forward to your visit:
Family Telesca
Hauptstr. 83
78098 Triberg
Phone: +49(0)7722/917237
Open daily 10:00 Uhr-22:00 Uhr
Monday restday

Enjoy shopping and finest cuisine on 1200qm in the clock-village “Uhrwerk” - TROUGH SPACE AND TIME!
Our clock-village „Uhrwerk“ is next door to the Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum of the Black Forest. Here in the heart of this enchanting region, you can experience the authentic Black Forest and discover what makes this region so unique. In a single place you can go back in history, experience traditions, taste regional cuisine and enjoy traditional shopping. For more information about the numerous offers of the museum: www.vogtsbauernhof.de

Our restaurant seats 400 people and is divided into different rustic and snug “Stuben” as well as a hall and a large terrace.

8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Served as a buffet and consisting of a wide selection of seasonal highlights from the region.

The Bakery/Confectionery (with live presentations for the preparation of the famous Black Forest Cherry Cake):
A variety of cakes is prepared here daily by our Pastry Chef as well as other sweet treats such as chocolate pralines and - during the Christmas season – Christmas cookies. Guests will enjoy watching our Pastry Chef preparing the famous Black Forest Cherry Cake.

Our Cuisine:
The food is freshly prepared by the Chef himself using genuine products from our region. The menus offer a large variety of dishes such as traditional home cooking as well as fine cuisine from the Baden area and international dishes to suit all tastes. Choose from 3 different dishes served as a self-service buffet.

TIMELESS CRAFTMANSHIP! ... comitted to tradition!
On a new floor space of 600 m2 we sell cuckoo-clocks manufactured by us, traditional Black Forest clocks, grandfather clocks assembled to your wishes, nutcrackers, smokers, beer mugs, Hummel figurines, Christmas decorations and souvenirs right next door to Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum of the Black Forest. What started 7 generations ago in a small workshop at home, has now become an enterprise selling clocks, carvings and souvenirs worldwide. Yet the business is still run by a family, in the traditional way and down to earth.

All under the same roof enjoy our restaurant area with a seating capacity of up to 400 people, our shopping area and our show workshop where you can watch the clockmaker carving wood or manufacturing a cuckoo clock. In our new clock-village you can not only watch and listen to the clocks – you can experience them fully. Combine your visit with the Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum of the Black Forest, located right next to our building for an authentic Black Forest experience.
Experience the Black Forest with all your senses!

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